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Australian Antique Arms & Edged weapons Collectors

Rare Japanese Samurai Armour

In un-restored condition, circa 1800.

The Doe is signed as is one of the Shin guards. The suit still retains most of the gold gilt on the iron plates. The lacquer is still excellent. The Doe skin leather on the Skirt & Shin guards are still soft. The Armour comes complete with its original Armour box. The box has all the original iron fittings. 

Another hard to find item with the Armour is the pig skin , red lacquered flag holder on the back. These were used to fly the clans bearers.

In all, this is a rare chance to own a complete & un-restored Armour below cost price.. This would make a great shop window or office display. It will only increase in value.


I have 2 other suits for sale valued at $25000 each, circa 1700's