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Australian Antique Arms & Edged Weapons Collectors

Edged Weapons: Other Blades

Chinese dagger

Arab dagger

Japanese knife

German Solingen

Kris dagger

India Battle axe set

Indonesian Muslim Fighting Bolo

Chinese Machete English blade

Ghurka Khukri

Indonesian Chopper

Spanish Tomahawk / Knife combo.

Yugoslav Bowie knife

Philippines dagger

Japanese knife

South African knife

Spanish Bowie knife

Boot knife

German Solingen

American survival knife

German Solingen

Hunting Knife

Bowie Knife

Boning knife

Remington Firearms knife

Solingen steel pocket knife

Kershaw Combination knife

Swedish skinning knife

Schrade USA

Rodgers Pocket knife

German knife

Excalibur survival knife

Commando knife

Boot knife

19th century dagger, Elegant etching on scabbard and handle

19th century dagger, engravings on blade and scabbard

WW2 trench art. Handle made from WW2 NCO sword scabbard

German hunting knife by Widdes Solingen

Pacific Islands Kris dagger

Pair of 28" Replica Battle Axes. 20" timber handles. 5 1/2" blade front

Duel blades with Muslim prayers etched on blade. Very impressive

Confiscated by Hong Kong customs from Pirate ship late 20th century

Very good condition with small blade accessory

Timber handle and sheath, with detailed etchings on blade

Combination tool with Tomahawk and Knife attachment in leather case

Pre WW2 Bowie knife, custom made in leather scabbard

Basilan Islands Mindano.   Timber batton scabbard

Japanese hunting knife. Timber handle with brass fittings. leather case

South African Crocodile Hunter Bowie knife. Timber handle.

8 1/2" blade, timber handle, brass fittings, leather case

Jaws boot knife / dagger 5" blade, leather case, brass fittings

Pre WW2 Bowie knife. Timber handle 6 1/4" blade, blood groove

Hollow handle for accessories (fishing, hunting) and attachments

Original Roo Skinner 5" blade.   Antler horn handle

Saw back knife with blood groove.   Similar to navy sailors knife.

6" blade Bone handle

Timber handle 7" blade.   11 1/4" overall

Genuine Remington knife, 4 1/2" blade.   Antler horn handle

Cherokee pocket knife with 3 blades in leather case

3 cased blades (hunting / filliting / saw blades). Multi purpose handle

Good fishing knife, plastic handle and case. 3 1/2" blade

Old Timer pocket lock knife. 3 1/2" blade, 8 3/4 when opened

Small bone handle 2" blade.   5" when opened

German boning knife.   Pro Thro 6" blade, 10 1/2" overall

Survival boot knife 440 stainless

English Commando knife, made in Sheffield England

Camouflage boot knife / dagger in leather camouflage scabbard


































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